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Our shop where the magic happens

This our shop where the magic happens building tiny houses and more.

We have 4000 sqft inside a large steel building with a 16′ x 14′ door.

Great space with excellent lighting just off I-95 exit 32 in Biddeford, ME.

At times we are building 3 different tiny houses at once along with custom

projects for other clients. Have us build your tiny house on an aluminum trailer.


  1. Hi I am interested in purchasing a tiny house. What is a general ballpark figure, how long does the process take, and do you know residential guidelines?


    1. Author

      Hi Teresa, Ballpark for a small house is about $45k complete and a larger runs from 65K to 89K for tricked out. It would take about 90 days or so to complete.

      Thanks Ted and Luke

  2. Do you place these homes on land or do you have parks for these tiny homes in Southern Maine?

  3. Hi,
    We’re looking to find a place to tour a tiny house (or houses) to get a feel of our next move. Do you guys allow that prior to a build?


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