What’s to know about tiny house trailer’s?

You are getting ready to build and need a trailer or a shell. You have searched for months and still not quite clear on what your build will need. Read on and we will answer the most common questions.



The gross vehicle weight rating is how much your trailer weights fully loaded. This number is the weight of the empty trailer, the dry weight which is the weight of the actual house you build on the trailer plus the belongings weight, your belongings etc you put in it.  Appliances, furniture, stuff.

The three weights

  • Empty Trailer Weight
  • House Build Weight
  • Belongings weight

tongue weight

The tongue weight is the weight that transfers to your towing vehicle when you hitch it up. Empty weights run from 200 lbs to 500 lbs.  Loaded weights run from 500 lbs to 1500 lbs depending on the GVWR

The next three things

  • Vehicle Towing Capacity
  • The vehicle hitch capacity
  • Your trailer tire capacity


Tire capacity

Your trailer tires must meet the weight capacity you are loading them with.  If you have tandem axles (4 tires) and your trailer GVWR is 12,000 lbs,  each tire needs to  support 3,000 lbs. A triple axle at 18,000 lbs GVWR  needs 6 tires at 3,000 lbs capacity to support the load.

Safety first

  • Proper GVWR
  • Proper Towing Vehicle
  • Properly Sized Tires
How it all comes together so you have a safe, well built and towable tiny house

More things to ponder…

Steel vs Aluminum

Deck size and height from ground

Floor Insulation area within trailer rails

Attaching walls to trailer deck

Center of Gravity

Jacking Systems

Total House Height from Ground

Total Tiny House Width at Road


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Now that you know, are you about what is involved. Lets Hope So.