Tiny House Community in Maine?

1. Will there be a Tiny House Community in Maine? Yes

2. When? That depends on us as tiny house people who are willing to put up funds to purchase the land, create a plan, have it suveyed and permitted.

3. Then we can have lots that are available to purchase and my thoughts are a few to rent.

4. How much money? It looks like to have the land, water, septic and roads around $300,000 minimum.

5. How many lots? 10-12 would be ideal.

If you are in a position financially to fund this project or a portion of it please contact me. I will give you the details of how it will work and how your investment will be protected. Thank-you.


  1. I am totally interested. Would the community be in Cumberland county? I have some money to put toward land and utility costs.

  2. I would love to learn how to invest with security.
    I am also looking to live in a tiny home. Just moved up to Maine in the spring and it’s time to live on my own.

    Thank You

      1. Hi Ted,
        I am very interested in a community also. I would be looking to rent a space.

  3. Already have plans in hand and will move forward with a build if there is actual land I can rent and put it on in the greater Portland/Brunswick area . . . Please post any updates to the efforts to procure land and making lots available for rent. Since I freelance and will likely work from home, I do hope the location has access to high speed internet without any problems. Thanks!

  4. I’d like to know if there are new details? I am interested in building a tiny house and settling in the Bath/ Brunswick area. Maybe on the islands?
    But I’d love to know if there is a community in place already. Hope to hear from you soon! Thank you!

    1. There is no community as of now. We are working toward one. Do you have funds to invest in the land and improvements?


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