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Made in Maine Park Models... Built for our Northeast Climate

Park Model Shed
Park Model 4

The images shown here are examples of what we can build for you. 

We Build Our  Park Model Homes up to 12′ wide and 36′ long

Upgraded your built with  2″ X 6″ walls and 2″ x 8″ floor joists and rafters.

They are built on brand new Park Model Trailers.

Typical Park Model Construction

One of the most common comparisons is that of Park Model RVs and Tiny Homes. With the growing popularity of the ‘Tiny Home movement,’ it makes sense that someone might take a look at a Park Model RV and assume that it’s, at the very least, the same idea as that of a Tiny Home. However, that said, there are some very important differences between Park Model RVs and Tiny Homes, and we thought it would be helpful to take the time to point them out.

The main distinction between Park Model RVs and Tiny homes is that Park Model RVs are, in fact, not homes at all. Park Model RVs are specifically designed and manufactured to be used as temporary seasonal or recreational use, and are not created to be used a permanent residence. Park Model RVs are meant to be placed on campgrounds or sites near lakes or in the woods, never in housing communities.Keeping this in mind, it’s also important to understand that, despite the name, Tiny Homes do not strictly qualify as homes either. There are federal, state, and local laws which require that permanent residences are built to a federal, state, or local building code or standard, and very few Tiny Homes actually meet these criteria.

In Maine, most communities do not allow Tiny Homes as full time housing. In time they may become approved but at this time it takes a very flexible code official to approve a Tiny Home to be set in place.

The truth is, though Park Model RVs are strictly temporary residences, they still have a leg up on Tiny Homes, especially those Park Model RVs. They are allowed in most communities and campgrounds etc. Many times you can buy the land in a condominium ownership and keep your destination Park Model RV home on the lot permanently. An affordable to have your own place at a destination you truly enjoy year after year.

At Tiny Houses of Maine LLC, we use actual residential furniture, which is sturdier and longer lasting. We ensure that our Park Model RVs remain the best by using things like lockable pocket doors, low e-glass windows, and microwaves vented to the outside. We work hard to make sure our Park Model RV are top quality for our customers.

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