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Tiny Houses of Maine is a local Family Business working to advance the Tiny House movement into the mainstream of affordable housing opportunities

Our Tiny House Story

Our tiny house story started out with Luke Lucier deciding he wanted to build a tiny house. Luke is a carpenter by trade ¬†Luke Lucier Carpentry). After much searching like you are doing he made a plan. He had a trailer built that would work for his 8′ x 20′ tiny house and then he got started. That was the hardest part. I’m Ted Lucier, Luke’s dad and I helped him get the house framed up and sheathing on. While doing it we decided to start Tiny Houses of Maine LLC and see where it will go.

Our Mission

Our mission is to move the concept of Tiny Houses into the mainstream of housing alternatives. Looking at the opportunities from young people to senior citizens to homeless folks, the need for housing is tremendous and growing daily. The opportunities in the Tourism sector is flourishing with all the tiny house shows on tv and people looking to experience staying in a tiny house. Please join with us in making tiny houses an accepted form of housing. Tiny houses are also a great get away place for cleansing your spirit and mind.

Tour of Becky’s Flower Pot House

My Movie from Ted on Vimeo.

Luke and Becky Tiny Interview with Local News and Video Tour of Tiny Houses of Maine’s “Becky’s Flower Pot House”

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Our team of building professionals bring passion, creativity, fine craftsmanship and ultra efficiency to our awe inspiring living in spaces ranging from 150 sf to 400 sf.

Meet Our Team


Ted got the Tiny House bug a few years ago and partnered with his son Luke to start Tiny Houses of Maine. We soon realized we needed a better trailer for the foundation and developed the low-boy trailers we use as the foundation today. Ted is currently working on creating a Tiny House Village for the tourism segment and an Agri-hood development for locals to enjoy tiny house living on a farm. Ted loves creating things, developing real estate, hiking and fishing and music.


Luke, being a carpenter by trade is the leading behind force  building our tiny houses. He has been on the building scene since he was 16 years old. Growing up in the country, Luke learned how to do about anything needed. Luke received a BS in Business Finance from University of Maine Orono. He enjoys hiking, fishing, travel and talking tiny houses. Luke and Becky are enjoying the tiny life in their own 8 X 20 tiny house.


Becky is an animal lover, especially horses and large animals. She was real influential in motivating Luke to build their tiny house. Becky runs the social media side of Tiny Houses of Maine and also works with animals at a Vet in Maine in her spare time and loves the outdoors. She loves, gardening, hiking, large animals and adventure and living in their tiny house.

serving folks in Maine and all over New England, who want to live close to the earth, save energy and live the simple life.

Maine’s First Tiny House Village and Agri-hood Community

Ted Lucier of Jettco Commercial is the real estate broker for Tiny Houses of Maine. He is currently searching for the right property to create a Tiny House Village in Maine, where tourism is a major economic driver. Investors will be purchasing tiny houses for daily rentals like a hotel or motel as well as renting lots for traveling tiny house adventurers. Looking to the local folks we are looking for a farm to start our Agri-hood community. For more information on the investment opportunities available within the Tiny House sector click here….

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We build our tiny houses on wheels in our quality controlled facility. We build on our design Low-Boy Aluminum Tiny House Trailers that we have manufactured in Maine. We are based in South Portland, Maine, Tiny Houses of Maine exemplifies the independent way of life here in Maine. Yes, we love our jobs!