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How Our Process Works

We always like to meet with our prospective clients at our shop and go over what you are thinking to make sure we are the right people for your project.
It is also a good idea for you to step inside of a tiny house or park model and see how it feels so you know if it is for you. (When we have one available on site).
Another step we go through with you is having you decide where you are considering locating your Tiny House, Park Model RV, Cabin / Cottage or one of our more permanent structures.

Contrary to a lot of the stories you hear, Maine is not really friendly to Tiny Houses. (check out code and meet the code officer for the town you are thinking of first).  

Right now the more rural areas are more ready to accept and approve Tiny Houses.  Park Model RV’S can be placed in most cities and towns either in parks, campgrounds or on the landowners lots. 

As for the building code, the whole state  has the same code which means if your building gets a certificate of occupancy it should be good everywhere in Maine.  You will need to have the water, sewer, foundation and sometimes a moving permit to get it approved as a legal living space.


Many of our customers start out with a trailer or a shell and build from there. We will discuss this with you and determine how comfortable you are with building. Our goal is to have you be successful in your build.

In order to move forward in this process, we will require you to present us with a real budget to  determine the feasibility and how realistic your tiny house build will be. This will be necessary before we meet at our shop to discuss your ideas and plans.

Once we meet and have an idea of your thoughts, we will prepare a quote for what it will cost to build your home. If we do plans and drawings, there will be a fee that will be due before we begin.  Once we have drawings and costs for your project, we will draw up a contract and a payment schedule, we will require the down payment and proof of funds or financing before we begin.

We have a team comprised of architects, draftsmen, carpenters, plumbers, electricians, HVAC, Well Drillers, Septic Installers, Earth work people and many more trades people.

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