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Frequently Asked Questions

We do not offer off the shelf plans at this time. When we get commissioned to build a shell or complete Tiny House we will work up a design and framing plan for our clients. Each one is specific to the clients needs and wants

We do not have a showroom. Usually we are building something and you are welcome to make an appointment and come see how it feels inside a Tiny House. We find it helps folks get going and make a decision.

Over the years with our other companies we have built many modular and stick built homes. With Tiny Houses of Maine we have built 8 Tiny Houses on Wheels to date. We would love to build yours.

You have to search around for a company that carries many lines. We found insurance at Cross Insurance here in Maine. We will post more links on our resources page.

Many folks swear by them. There are several models while some are all in one, others separate out the liquids. It helps you keep of the grid somewhat where you only have grey
water to deal with.

We do not offer financing at this time. We have found local credit unions are helpful as well as light stream, a financing arm of Sun Trust Bank. You can apply online.

Yes we offer our Low-Boy trailers for DIY folks. You can make an appointment to see one at our shop. We can build to any level you wish.

That is the big question for sure. It depends on the town or city. Towns less than 4,000 population do not have to adhere to the State Building Code which calls for larger than a
Tiny House on Wheels can readily accommodate. Check with towns where you are thinking of hanging out.

Usually you have a 50 to 100 amp panel connected by cord if mobile or a cable if semipermanent. Water and sewer vary on the site. You can hook up like an RV or make it more like a
real home and skirt the sides and close it all in.

Yes, please visit this page and sign up. A (1) hour consultation is $99.00 and that will give you a good idea of where you are headed in the Living Tiny / ADU worlds.