We understand that many of you want-to-be tiny house owners have a strong do-it-yourself mentality. That’s why offer you the choice of several  “Quick Start” tiny house shells. Give yourself a jump-start on the experience of building your very own tiny house. We’ll get you building on the right trailer (included), do the wall/roof framing, sheathing and the first layer of weatherproofing. From there you’ll take over and use your creativity and personal touchs to finish up your tiny house. If you would rather have us take care of the exterior siding/trim, windows, door and roofing, our Pro-Grade Exterior package is going to be the best fit!

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Our DIY Shells get you on the fast track to a great build. From the trailer to the roof peak, we build your shell to the highest quality.


  • A New Low-Boy Aluminum Trailer with the proper GVWR to support and safely haul your tiny house for years to come.
  • 2 x 6 floor system with 5 1/2” of Roxul stone wool insulation embedded 6″ into the trailer frame allowing 5” additional headroom offering freedom on interior design plus an advantec 3/4″ 50 year weather resistent subfloor
  • Walls framed with 2X4’s, 24” on center advanced framing with sheathing glued and nailed with ring-shank nails and secured to the trailer with 8 engineered Simpson Tie Downs.
  • All Headers have 1/2” foam insulation for thermal breaks
  • Exterior walls and roof are sheathed in water resistant Zip Panels, joints taped for dryness and air tightness.
  • Our roofs are framed with 2X6’s or 2X8’s depending on your R-Value specs, glued and nailed with ring-shank nails.
  • Hurricane clips and joist hangers on all rafters when applicable.
  • All of our houses have Grace Ice & Water Shield applied to the roofs.
  • 1 basic loft area
  • 1 door opening cut and framed

Optional Upgrades:

  • Lofts for sleeping and storage
  • PRO Grade siding & trim packages
  • Skylights
  • Window Package (installed)
  • Roof choices
  • Door choices
  • Stairs and storage

Low Boy Aluminum Trailer

  • 16’ to 30’ in length
  • Deck is 96″ wide to build on
  • 12K GVWR to 18K GVWR
  • Electric brakes, Lighting, Safety
  • 2 5/16 ball
  • 7 pin trailer light/brake connection

Building Footprint

  • Trailer width 8’ 5” outside of fender
  • Trailer deck 8’ wide floor area
  • Building Height 13′ 5″
  • Trailer Deck Height 24” – 25”
  • Tongue Length 48″

Premium Upgrades:

  • Interior completed to your specs
  • Plumbing, Electric, HVAC ( subcontracted)
  • Solar Package (subcontracted)
  • Off Grid Package (subcontracted)
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Work smarter, party harder.  Hire us to put you on a much easier path to “Tiny Living.”

tiny house shell

MOXIE BOX 16′ Starting at $16,900 Pictured with Pro-Grade trim package elements

Moxie has a long relationship with Maine. Moxie is courage, daring and spirit! We designed this one for the folks who have THE MOXIE TO GO FOR IT! It’s size and shape make it easy to pull with a regular truck and fit into smaller spaces when you set up. The Moxie Box comes 16’ long and 8’ wide. Built on a 12K  Aluminum Low-Boy Trailer as a foundation. It comes as a basic shell all the way thru completed turn key. Get your sprit in motion and come on over to visit us. Put in your order and in 90 days or so,  YOU WILL HAVE THE MOXIE to travel and love the adventure.

tiny house shell

RANGELEY 20′ Starting at $17,900 Pictured with Pro-Grade trim package elements

Our thoughts on the RANGELEY design is that it fits in with rugged Maine Country and the more traditional New England Gable Roof with Dormers. This larger layout is great for year round living and gives you a nice homey feeling. Several porch options, skylights, off the grid, and it all is built on a 12K Aluminum Low-Boy Trailer for a super foundation. Available in lengths from 20’ to 26’ and 8’ wide.  Yes, we can do it complete, turn key so you can just move in. Feel the love of the outdoors pulling you into living life in a Tiny House!

tiny house shell

ACADIA 20′ Starting at $17,900 Pictured with Pro-Grade trim package elements

Imagine being at Acadia National Park with this Tiny House overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and just feeling the chi of life flowing through your home. Bliss. That is what we felt when we built our first Acadia. Our most spacious model built in 20’ to 30’ and 8’ wide on a 12K Aluminum Low-Boy Trailer for a really stable foundation with lots of insulation in the floor. Available in any of our DIY Shell Packages and we would really love to do a turn key Tiny House for you. Off grid with long roof, lots of natural light, open spaces, larger loft areas. Acadia, the perfect Tiny House to get involved in your own life experiences.

Tiny House Shell

Sebago 20′ starting at $18,900 Pictured with Pro-Grade trim package elements

Feel the sun coming thru all the glass and hear the wind passing by your beautiful SEBAGO tiny house say on the lake or in a country setting. This house fits in anywhere.  Built on a 12K Aluminum Low-Boy trailer for a super foundation to be near water. NO RUST!  Offered as a basic shell or with the Pro-Grade trim package and you finish the inside or…. or  TURN KEY, move in and start living free. SEBAGO your way to being a hit in the media, with yourself which is most important. The time is now. It all starts with a dream.

If you have custom plans, please submit them for a FREE quote. Thank you


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**All prices are subject to change without notice. Before we start building we will have a written agreement with actual costs, a payment schedule and a completion date.**


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