An ADU is an accessory dwelling housing unit that is allowed in many communities with favorable zoning regulations. We can further the use of ADU’s in our area establishing rules and regulations that will allow tiny houses in your community.

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Accessory Dwelling Unit Information

An ADU is an abbreviation for what city planners refer to as “Accessory Dwelling Units”. Basically, an ADU is an additional permitted, livable, accessory dwelling on the same property as an existing single-family home (either attached or detached). You may have heard of some other terms like: Mother-in-law suite, Granny flat, backyard bungalow, carriage house, multi-generational unit, in-law units, basement apartment etc.
ADU’s are great for a variety of things like earning extra rental income (from renting it out or downsizing and renting out your main house), living quarters for a caregiver, aging parents or college students, guest house, or simply extending your living space.
ADU’s can be built over garages, in attics, in basements or they can stand alone on their own foundation on your property.
Tiny Houses can be considered an ADU if they are on a permanent foundation hooked up to traditional utility services. However, a Tiny House on Wheels does not qualify as an ADU, legally speaking. Contact us if you are unsure about if a Tiny House or ADU would be better for your property.


We specialize in efficient design, alternative construction systems, energy conservation, maximizing rebates and bringing to life beautiful spaces to enjoy tiny living

ADU Services We OFFer

  • Consulting

    Tiny Houses of Maine offer consulting services to prospective clients who are interestedin either a new ADU or converting their basement or garage into a permitted ADU.We will come to your property and meet with you and listen to what you areenvisioning for your new living space. From there we can decide if the project issomething that can be accomplished within the local zoning and code regs. Learn More

  • Design

    We specialize in efficient design, alternative construction systems, energy conservationall flowing to bring beautiful spaces to life.

  • Construction/Renovations

    We offer our design and build services creating the path for a smooth project. From determining the location for the structure or addition to the driveway, utilities to hiring subcontractors for concrete, plumbing, electric, HVAC as needed. Our crew does the building and finishing phase of the project.

  • Permitting Assistance

    We work with our clients on a consultant basis between you and the code enforcementofficer to secure the many permits will be needed, estimated costs and time required tocomplete the project.

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Attached or detached; that is the question

NEW ADU’S… Attached to the existing structure or detached:

New ADU’s are allowed in many towns and cities in Maine. The question of attached or detached is the main question. It depends on your lot size and building codes. New construction requires all the permits needed for building a new building. We can help you with that process and consult with you to see if you property qualifies, what is involved in time and expense. We have attached some documents regarding Maine towns and cities, more will come in time. Look at our info on Basement and Garage
Conversions to ADU’S.

Existing Space ADU Basement and Garage Conversions:

Basement and Garage to ADU conversions are allowed in many cities and, if the conditions are right, they can be the easiest and most cost-effective way to create an additional dwelling unit on your property. Basement and Garage ADUs take advantage of existing structures, which provides a number of benefits.

Benefits of Basement/Garage ADU

Why create a basement or garage ADU?

  • The space is already built, saving you excavation and construction costs.
  • You probably already have water, sewer and power to the basement and power to getgarage. Even if they aren’t where you want them, it would be quicker, easier, andcheaper than putting utilities in a new structure.
  • Perhaps there is a finished space or a “Hidden ADU” that can be brought up to codeand permitted. Maybe you have a couple bedrooms, a bathroom, and a utility sink inthe basement now. Garage may have a toilet, usually electric. Lets get started.
  • Your energy bills for the basement ADU would be lower because the basementtemperature is moderated by the earth. The garage ADU is usually small and plenty oftime to upgrade insulation and windows.
  • ADU’S provide additional housing in desirable, close-in neighborhoods where therearen’t many infill lots. So you may be able to provide your tenant, family member, oryourself with a great affordable living space in a super location.
  • Keep your yard for fun things instead of a new building or addition.
  • ADU’S provide urban housing without changing neighborhood character (passersbymay not even know it exists!)
  • Simple entry with a separate door allows for privacy and you to change it back in thefuture if you wish.And then of course there is the income your ADU can generate if you decide to rent itout. Life is all about changes, people come and go in our lives and having a greataffordable living space for family, relatives or friends is a great feeling.CONSULTING

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